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Set your brand free: 10 cool samples

Catapult your brand out of the showroom and dealerships and into the real world to truly inspire people. A top-quality photo or video will help people visualise using your product – and it will also help your marketing message travel further.

Here is some sticky content created by Moby Dick Content:


 1. Geelong Tourism ‘Storytellers’



Geelong tourism wanted real stories on their own digital channels; something young, fresh and adventurous. Moby Dick came to the party (literally), capturing the breweries, bars and boutique tourism experiences of the region. The team travelled by car, boat, helicopter and train to create a package of extremely cool content.


2. Whittley SL22 ‘Surfin’ Girl’


The client wanted to showcase the versatility of the SL22 and reach out to a younger audience. So we assembled a fit crew of young adventurers and brought the story to life in images and video.


3. Arvor ‘Marlin Adventure’

ARV062b - The Captain FPC Ad (Fishing) - v2 FINAL

Arvor boats are renowned as great cruisers and entertainers, but the client wanted to up the ante with a bit of fishing cred. So the Moby Dick team took the 675 Sportsfish to the shelf, hooked a marlin and created cool content to spearhead Arvor’s print, social and web creative.


4. Sea Fox ‘Fishing at Fraser’


The Sea Fox Viper 220 oozes adventure, so Fraser Island seemed the perfect fit for this sleek American low-rider. The Viper looked every bit the predator in gin-clear water hooked up to a black marlin. The video went viral in the marine world on social media and the photos appeared in Sea Fox’s print and social channels. Also, the image featured above was picked up by international artist Guy Harvey and attracted over 6000 likes on Facebook. Check it out here: Guy Harvey


5. Stabicraft ‘Keepin’ it Real’


The client wanted a real-world test, not your typical short spin around the harbour, so the Moby Dick team booked out a week to hunt giant bluefin tuna from a distinctive red Stabicraft 2050. The content captured the sights and sounds of a real fishing trip, including the drama of bust-offs, sordid weather and new mateships forged. You can’t fake that stuff. Their print ad also oozed class and cred.


6. Easytow ‘Doing the Business’


This image is subtle but effective, capturing a trailer doing what it does best ‑ delivering its faithful master to the fishing grounds.


7. Yamaha PWC ‘Shifting Opinion’


If you want real content, then find real people. You won’t find Ben Beylett in a modeling portfolio, but the content he helped create with Moby Dick was 100 percent bulldust-free ‑ and even convinced a few hard-nosed boaties that fishing from a PWC might actually be cool. See more images here: The Captain 


8. Robalo ‘Standing Ovation’

In March 2015, the south-east coast of Australia experienced wild weather and record rainfall. We figured it was the perfect opportunity to test the Robalo 206 Cayman. The team was soaked to the bone, but caught nice black bream and created very watchable content. In fact, the video received a standing ovation from Robalo head office in the USA. That’s no mean feat!


9. Yamaha Outboards ‘Jump to Attention’


There’s something about boats jumping out of the water that excites readers and viewers, particularly on social channels. This photograph was published on The Captain’s channels and shared by Yamaha Australia and Yamaha France. It was also picked up by international artist Guy Harvey, where it attracted more than 4000 likes! That’s serious reach.


10. The Captain ‘Cuts Through’

 Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 1.04.13 pm

OK, so this one’s a bit self-indulgent (as Moby Dick publishes The Captain), but the principles for your brand’s imagery should be pretty similar. This image is dynamic (creating a sense of movement), intriguing (what’s he doing swimming with fish?) and inspiring (that’s a bloody big GT!). It’s a perfect cover image for The Captain.


When thinking about visual content, ask yourself the following key questions:

  • Does your imagery showcase what your brand does best?
  • Is it believable – can people relate to the message or the storytellers?
  • Is it inspiring – does it make people want to do it?
  • Is it top-quality, composed professionally and shot on the best professional gear?


If you would like some cool, engaging content that showcases your product give the team at Moby Dick Content a shout…


Jack Murphy

0414 564 615


Travis Godfredson

0438 225 738




Social Media School, by Captain Blackbeard

It’s time your social channel unbuttoned its shirt, threw off the tie and sat down on a plantation chair with a gin and tonic – and spoke to your audience the way they want to be spoken to.

What works on social media doesn’t always fit in your traditional marketing strategy. Social audiences love candid content. They also respond well to transparency and originality. But these values aren’t typically associated with conventional marketing plans.

Help is at hand; today we’re featuring Captain Blackbeard. He’s a salty sea-dog who grew his social audience to over 26K followers on Instagram and has over 6000 Facebook fans. Now, we don’t need another Captain Blackbeard in our life, but we could all definitely learn some lessons from his social media strategy. He’s creative, interesting and totally real; something our social accounts could benefit from.

Here are his top 10 tips for setting sail on social media. They are featured in the next issue of The Captain magazine. The feature was written in response to readers and marine clients who want to grow and engage with their social audience…

photo 2 copy 2

Captain Blackbeard begins…

This is your Captain speaking! Stop blowing spitballs and passing around pictures of the PE teacher. Listen-up, because there’s a test on Friday and anyone who fails will be walking the plank … BRRRRR!!

BE WARNED. Social media can be highly addictive. Just ask my wife! Use social media to capture your cool story, but don’t let it dictate your story.

KEEP IT FRESH & INTERESTING Tickle people’s minds like an octopus tickles a piano. Keep people guessing and don’t repeat the same stuff over and over and over and over and over again. See, boring, isn’t it?


WIN WITH FAILS Everyone loves a fail. I ate it on the ocean stones and everyone loved it …BRRRRR!! Didn’t cry (much).


POST DURING ACTIVE TIMES If you’re trying to market a product this will help you get noticed by more people. Dud post times = dud reach. Do your homework on when people are frothing. Sunday evening is generally a winner.

POST OFTEN The more you post, the more you will show up in other people’s feeds. It’s just like fishing, kiddies!


TAGGING I’ve never been keen on tagging. I don’t need others to #ridewithmyideals, but hey, it seems to work for others.

FOLLOW LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE You’ll get heaps of cool ideas, whether it’s sports, music, boating or fishing. They’ll tend to follow you back, too.


HECKLERS & HATERS I’ve had my share of hecklers over the years. Don’t take their comments to heart. It’s usually just jealous rage. Now, where’s my cutlass? BRRRRR!

KEEP IT REAL Don’t mess with the original image by adding extreme filters. Also, try to work different angles. Change it up to catch the eye.

POST WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY Stay true to yourself. It’s not all about the likes.


That’s all for today. Class dismissed. Now hand me over those pictures … BRRRRR!!





Sticky images

We live in a visual world where image is everything. Studies show that today’s consumers are bombarded with up to 5000 advertising messages per day, a 10-fold increase from 50 years ago. The figures are probably debatable, but what’s not is the realisation that our attention is hard to get, and even harder to keep. It’s worth noting that social media is a visual feast, lapping up great imagery.


Picking the right image is critical to making sure your brand gets seen – and understood. Moby Dick Content believes your image should tick a few of these boxes:

-Does it tell a real story? Keeping in mind, consumers increasingly want stories, not ads – they want the truth. A good story will stick to eyeballs like a remora sticks to a shark

-Does it communicate your brand benefits? Does it show the product doing what it does best?

-Is it good quality? The quality of the image will be a reflection on the quality of your brand. Is it well-composed and high resolution, or is it fuzzier than your eyesight on the first day of the New Year?


Here are some of Moby Dick’s stickiest images for 2015:

  1. Image on the Lowrance DPS oozes cred

This image and ad grabs your attention, the branding on the boats is unmistakable and the fishing cred just oozes off the page. The imagery is supported with great design, useful product information and relevant calls to action.

Image: Jack Murphy Fishing & Photography


  1. Honda add some mojo to their marketing

Honda took a boring old cardboard box and created a story for their outboard packaging. The image features some lads kitted out for an offshore adventure, trolling for tuna on the high seas. The creative carried all the way through to posters and banner ads. The purple skies and moody styling is a detour from the clichéd blue skies and flat seas usually featured in marine marketing, but it certainly works, drawing attention to the brand and the offer.


Image: Moby Dick Content


  1. Whittley sex it up

Whittley gave their FF2100 model a youthful voice with this cool creative. The imagery is authentic without compromising quality – and the brand name and distinctive Whittley shape is unmistakable. Nice design too – it’s full of information, without being too busy.

Whittley AD_The Captain

Image and design: Moby Dick Content



  1. The Captain’s subscription promotion on Facebook

Ok, we’re biased. But this image travelled far and wide, hitting over 10,000 eyeballs (20,000 assuming our audience have two eyes). The styling was off the cuff, using interesting objects found around the office. The result was a truck-load of subscriptions for The Captain! No expensive or lumbering advertising agency required!

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.19.16 pm

Image: The Captain



To celebrate the festive season, The Captain is giving away two tickets to In the Heart of the Sea – the famous tale of Moby Dick, the white whale. Just tell us in 25 words or less, what is your favourite corporate image and why. You can pick any corporate image, even yours! It could be an ad, or a Facebook post, or maybe some cool packaging.


Get tapping and send in those photos – this movie is epic!




This video features ‘Poo’

This video features ‘Poo’, but it will probably sell a lot of boats.

Poo, also known as Wayne Hollingworth, just bought a Morningstar Boats Bay Rover 498R. He never wanted an alloy boat because of “the bashing and thumping” often associated with aluminium boats, however one ride in the Morningstar and he was hooked, saying it was “Soft and spongey … like floating on a bubble”. Check out the video below.



Some thought starters from Moby Dick Content:

1. What real stories do you have about your products or services?

2. Is your marketing communication delivered on video; one of the best (and fastest growing) mediums for getting your message across?

3. Think of a good video like a sales person that works 24/7. It can be distributed via email, on your website, on Facebook or even at a show. And it’ll never stop working and adding value to your business…

Get in touch with Moby Dick Content to get your message across in a powerful, cost efficient way.






When Harry broke the internet

A funny thing happened last Sunday. A video on a brand new Facebook site, with less than 100 followers went totally viral in the Australian boating scene. In less than a week, the video has reached over 37,000 people and was watched 11,500 times. It was shared by its viewers over 110 times! That’s a serious connection with the audience.


Triple H video:

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 3.17.10 pm


We should declare our interest about now. The video in question was on Moby Dick’s new consumer facing platform, The Captain. But that’s beside the point. So why did that video go viral? Essentially it was a great story, well told.


Here’s a few tips you can take away from the Triple H video, for your next content project.

  1. Have a quest, with all the trials and tribulations. In this case Harry’s re-build was the mission. He told the tale candidly, even declaring he thought about giving up. He also talked about the support of others to achieve something special. That’s good human-interest stuff.


  1. Capture the iconic symbols around your product or service. In the video we captured a classic Haines 233 hull, in a game fishing environment, no less. That’s two things our audience never tire of seeing.





  1. Find a good story-teller. Harry was a great face and voice for the story. He was personable, engaging, knowledgeable and passionate – and the owner and builder! Not many presenters can pull all that off in one.


  1. Make it look sexy. We’re not going to give away all our secrets, but some clever angles, a few slow-mos and a tight edit with a sweet tune will help.


  1. Just get some pros to create and amplify it for you!


To prove it wasn’t a fluke, The Captain uploaded a professional photo gallery of Harry’s boat to Facebook the next day, and it reached over 3400 people with over 100 likes.


See the gallery here:

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 3.20.37 pm


BY THE WAY: The Captain is a new multi-media platform committed to good story telling and cool products in the marine industry. It features a coffee-table quality magazine, distributed in Australia and New Zealand, as well as a social and digital channel. To secure your place in the inaugural issue of The Captain – on sale for 3 months over the peak selling period – get in touch now.




Exciting news for marketers of marine products

Moby Dick Content, the team responsible for creating cool but credible marine stories, is now offering a new independent media platform to connect with the boating public. Moby Dick’s Travis Godfredson explains: “Content creation is only half of the marketing puzzle. It also has to be delivered to the audience in an engaging, strategic way. It’s something many clients struggle with. They don’t have the time or distribution channels to effectively market their products.” So Moby Dick Content is tapping into 30 years of combined media experience to deliver a quality new media product in the form of a high-quality quarterly magazine, supported by digital, social and TV platforms.



It’s not just about the marine industry, either. Jack Murphy, the other half of the Moby Dick Content crew, points out that the public desperately want something new. “We’re on the water all the time and we talk to all kinds of boaties. They want something more than just a brochure full of ads. They want real stories delivered in contemporary packaging, whether that’s in the magazine or on Facebook. There’s also a new breed of boaties out there who want something with cool styling and a younger voice”


The first issue of The Captain – Legends of the Sea (the magazine) will be on sale December 3rd. It will be distributed across newsagents, airlines and hotels throughout the peak boating season.


Booking deadline for the launch issue, which will be widely promoted, is October 28th. That’s two weeks away.

CAPY1-276x300  Platforms



Call or email Jack Murphy or Travis Godfredson now to secure your position in the inaugural issue of The Captain – Legends of the Sea. Let’s make a little history.

0414 564 615

0438 225 738




Set your content free!

So you’ve just got your hands on some cool content. Don’t just sit there admiring your handy work. Time to get busy – and get publishing!

Here’s our dummies guide to publishing content.


5 Things to do with your content – today!


  1. Update your website with those cool images that have been sitting on the USB, then tell customers about it via a snappy Facebook post or an informative blog (like we just did to you). Just remember, when communicating with your audience or customer, consider what’s in it for them. Stop being an ad to your customers, and start being a storyteller and content sharer!


  1. Put all those great little stories from your customers into your next brochure. Remember, people want content, not promotions – and people have more in common with other customers, than they do with you. Their tick of approval goes a long way. Here’s a tick from one of our customers.


Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.38.25 pm


  1. Launch an Instagram account. (Actually, we should do that, too Jack). Unlike a Facebook post, an Instagram post reaches your whole viewing audience. Jack’s photography Instagram audience has grown to 2600 in about 3 years. It was hard going at the start, but then it snowballed. It’ll probably be as important as Facebook for corporates, in the near future.


  1. Get in contact with a friendly media face – and tell them you have a cool story. They’re always looking for thrifty content and original angles. To prove we’re not yanking your chain, check out our White Pointer hunts Southern Bluefin Tuna story in the next issue of Club Marine.


Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.08.57 pm


  1. Post something to Facebook. In fact, try posting four things (at least) to Facebook every week. Here’s a good rule of thumb. For every four pieces of content, two should be an original piece of content about your customers or product benefits, one could be an aggregated piece of content (like a fishing report or technical fact from a third party or supplier) and one can be a straight out kickin’ offer, like 5 T-shirts free if you share this post!




  • 2 original, honest pieces of content generated by you
  • 1 aggregated piece of content, relevant to the user and shared by you
  • 1 cool promotional offer


If you’re ever in doubt regarding what to publish, just go back to what you know about the customer. Who are they? How do they perceive themselves? What interests them? How do they talk to one another?

Be natural, be cool, be real.


Here’s how Jack does it. The top 5 posts for Jack Murphy Fishing and Photography, this year are listed below.

  1. The intro video on our cool Haines Hunter 445F Project Boat with an organic reach of 21,000

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.15.53 pm

  1. This epic photo of Harry’s classic Formula 233 from Apollo Bay. Organic reach: 16,400

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.13.36 pm

  1. A post about a hot fishing destination (Portland), reached 13,000 people

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.13.15 pm

  1. A cool video about a Robalo centre console, mooching around in East Gippsland reached a total of 8867

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.16.43 pm

  1. Another blog about fishing for yellowfin tuna off Sydney, this time in a 4.6 Morningstar centre console. Total organic reach 5226

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 9.14.15 pm


So, the key themes for Jack’s audience are:

  • Cool and classic project boats
  • Hot fishing destinations and adventures on the high seas
  • Awesome videos and memorable photos
  • Trav seducing sashimi!

So, follow your audience and see what they eat. What is your audience chewing on?




Cool angles

Photography is 80% composition and 20% technical know-how. So, use that great eye of yours to frame the subject in interesting ways. In this blog, Moby Dick shares their seven favourite tips for capturing those cool angles…

Tip 1. The sun has got your back.

IMGL7661 166A4293

Use the sun to your full advantage; it makes your product sparkle – especially in the early morning and late afternoon.


Tip 2. Shoot into the sun.

IMG_7574 IMGL8319

Traditionally, you want beautiful warm light directly hitting your product. Try the opposite though, and you might be surprised by the outcome.


Tip 3. Get high.

IMG_0086 IMGL8622

Using a helicopter or drone really adds another dimension to your photos (and videos).


Tip 4. Get low.

IMG_0397  IMG_8222

Getting low to the ground (or water level) helps establish the environment the product should be used in.


Tip 5. Get even lower!

IMG_9606  IMG_0578

Marine products are made for the water – jump in and shoot them!


Tip 6. Go wide.

IMGL0566 IMG_9940

Using a wide-angle lens is great for capturing your products surrounds. It’s also quite dynamic to the eye – not to mention, great in tight spaces.


Tip 7. Go tight.

IMG_7484 IMG_1466

Focusing on a small detail or element of your product is great for intriguing your audience.




5 golden rules for creating good content

If you’ve been following the rise of content marketing, you’ll know that creating great stories around your brand is a proven winner for audience engagement and conversion. For those new to the content game, engagement means the content has an emotional connection with the audience and conversion means they did something about it.


Story-telling on the rise

There are a few reasons why brands should tell stories. The main reason: consumers want to know about the people behind your product. During the path-to-purchase consumers will ask themselves, “Is this a company that shares my values and interests? Do I relate to them? Do I even like them? Do I want to share my hard-earned money with them?” Great story-telling is an effective way of doing this, reassuring consumers you know who they are, and that your product meets their needs.

Consumers are also judging the quality of your product by the quality of your content. Reassure customers that your products are up to the job with good, engaging content, presented in the right context (i.e. where the customer is).

So, how do you create good content? This is not a perfect science, but there are some golden rules to follow to create meaningful messages …


Here are 5 of our golden rules for creating good content

1. Be authentic Know your stuff and don’t talk bull.
2. Be relatable Talk your customers’ language. Know their aspirations, icons and visual cues. If humour is a key driver, then use it.
3. Be purposeful Be clear on what you want to communicate. Focus on core messages, not your life story
4. Be dynamic Use a variety of tools and platforms to communicate your message, including well-crafted words and images that tell a story. Charts and diagrams are also great ways to illustrate technical information
5. Use quality communicators There are good writers, photographers and designers. Like any trade, you pay for what you get.


Case study

Two marine clients put this theory to the test at a recent boat show. The old brochure was replaced with some engaging stories written by Moby Dick Content, wrapped in dynamic images and delivered in a crisp, modern mini-magazine design. The product was still the hero.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 12.35.24 pm            Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 8.22.34 pm

THE RESULT: The pick up rate on the mini-magazine was several times that of the old brochure. People referenced the stories and enquiry was up.

How engaging is your print material?



Small videos with big impact


Sometimes you don’t need long scripts and steady cams in your video productions. To get maximum impact on these videos, all it took was some cool styling, a tight edit and sweet tunes.


The client is Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula. The brief was for Moby Dick to create some youthful, authentic and relatable content – good move, guys!


Along with the videos, we also created a tasty image gallery for their digital channels.


Here are some samples…


 Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 4.56.30 pm

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.57.30 am


Here’s what the client had to say: “We love the videos. You guys have been amazing with this. Your style is exactly what we’re looking for”.


Tracey Jamieson
Marketing and Communications Manager
Tourism Greater Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula