Moby Dick Content, the team responsible for creating cool but credible marine stories, is now offering a new independent media platform to connect with the boating public. Moby Dick’s Travis Godfredson explains: “Content creation is only half of the marketing puzzle. It also has to be delivered to the audience in an engaging, strategic way. It’s something many clients struggle with. They don’t have the time or distribution channels to effectively market their products.” So Moby Dick Content is tapping into 30 years of combined media experience to deliver a quality new media product in the form of a high-quality quarterly magazine, supported by digital, social and TV platforms.



It’s not just about the marine industry, either. Jack Murphy, the other half of the Moby Dick Content crew, points out that the public desperately want something new. “We’re on the water all the time and we talk to all kinds of boaties. They want something more than just a brochure full of ads. They want real stories delivered in contemporary packaging, whether that’s in the magazine or on Facebook. There’s also a new breed of boaties out there who want something with cool styling and a younger voice”


The first issue of The Captain – Legends of the Sea (the magazine) will be on sale December 3rd. It will be distributed across newsagents, airlines and hotels throughout the peak boating season.


Booking deadline for the launch issue, which will be widely promoted, is October 28th. That’s two weeks away.

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Call or email Jack Murphy or Travis Godfredson now to secure your position in the inaugural issue of The Captain – Legends of the Sea. Let’s make a little history.

0414 564 615

0438 225 738