We all know word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. It’s maybe the best. So, it’s surprising more marketers don’t use customers (and their stories) in their communication. Perhaps it’s their patrons ruffled hair and less-than-perfect prose that doesn’t fit the brand guidelines…


Here’s why customer endorsements should be part of the plan:

1. People believe them. Because they’re people ‘just like us’, there’s rapport. And where there’s rapport, there’s trust in the message.

2. The paid plug is a little tired. We’ve all sponsored people. Sure, you get your name out there, but guess what? The punters know the talking faces on TV are paid to say nice things. Instead, try finding a customer who has no commercial interest in your product, yet diligently researches ‘til they pick your brand, and paid full whack. I’d trust what that person had to say any day! Wouldn’t you?

3. It’s cheaper! Your loyal customers will talk the leg off the chair for no commercial gain. They already got the pay-off they wanted; a great product. Perhaps, get your best customers together for a sausage sizzle and capture the story of your brand all at once.



White Pointer wanted to talk up the impressive quality of their boats. Why? Because media outlets were fixated on price, turning customers away. So, Moby Dick Content tracked down some straight-talking White Pointer owners, jumped on their boats and told stories through the eyes of the owners. We also spoke to White Pointer director, Rex Briant and local dealer, Cam McDonald who offer some great insights into the boats, the owners – and one amazing fishing experience…


Boat owner Bruce Franks (left) and fishing buddy Barry Hay (right)

White Pointer owner Bruce Franks (left) and fishing buddy Barry Hay (right) on a Moby Dick Content adventure

Passionate White Pointer owner, David Krushka, tells the story of his 800 Sports Cruiser










People are looking for quality products which portray a better image about themselves. Indicators of a quality product can include brand heritage, product performance, good packaging and strong advertising presence. How would your customers describe your quality?



David Krushka battles bluefin off Tasmania’s wild south east coast

Bruce Franks puts his White Pointer 730 HardTop to the test


  • The content sparkled on Facebook with overall followers up 10% since the campaign started
  • Posts created by Moby Dick reached of over 35,000 (gross impacts)
  • Huge engagement with almost 2,000 likes, shares and comments

“Eight of the top 10 reaching all-time posts came from Moby Dick content”

  • Eight of the top 10 reaching all-time posts came from Moby Dick content
  • Over 10 pages of quality story telling in the Melbourne Boat Show Yearbook, later picked up by a major national publication for mass delivery
  • The story went viral in southern Tasmania, going down as the weekend two White Pointer boats took home double barrels from Eaglehawk Neck
  • Videos have been uploaded on WhitePointer digital channels and shows – and links and DVDs mailed to prospective customers


“Hundreds of engaging photos for website, brochures and shows; not PR or advertising images, just great content”


  • Hundreds of engaging photos for website, brochures and shows; not PR or advertising images, just great content
  • Valuable face-time with customers in the field
  • Overall, White Pointer has an increased sense of community and credibility for the brand