Photography is 80% composition and 20% technical know-how. So, use that great eye of yours to frame the subject in interesting ways. In this blog, Moby Dick shares their seven favourite tips for capturing those cool angles…

Tip 1. The sun has got your back.

IMGL7661 166A4293

Use the sun to your full advantage; it makes your product sparkle – especially in the early morning and late afternoon.


Tip 2. Shoot into the sun.

IMG_7574 IMGL8319

Traditionally, you want beautiful warm light directly hitting your product. Try the opposite though, and you might be surprised by the outcome.


Tip 3. Get high.

IMG_0086 IMGL8622

Using a helicopter or drone really adds another dimension to your photos (and videos).


Tip 4. Get low.

IMG_0397  IMG_8222

Getting low to the ground (or water level) helps establish the environment the product should be used in.


Tip 5. Get even lower!

IMG_9606  IMG_0578

Marine products are made for the water – jump in and shoot them!


Tip 6. Go wide.

IMGL0566 IMG_9940

Using a wide-angle lens is great for capturing your products surrounds. It’s also quite dynamic to the eye – not to mention, great in tight spaces.


Tip 7. Go tight.

IMG_7484 IMG_1466

Focusing on a small detail or element of your product is great for intriguing your audience.