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G’day and welcome to the first blog from Moby Dick Content.

We’re a new crew with Jack Murphy and Travis Godfredson at the helm.

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Great content is an incredibly powerful way of communicating your brand story. Join the blog and you’ll find tips and hints on how to improve your marketing, particularly through video and images. Learn how organisations are improving their social media presence. You’ll also find inspiring content to whisk you away from your desk and into the misty salt air.

The blog will be research gold for your business. It’s created by Jack, a gun photographer and blogger, and proven Publisher and Research Director, Trav, who helped shape some of the most talked about and effective content in the market place.

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What’s with the name?

Moby Dick (the book) is a brilliant story of the sea that captures the imagination. D. H. Lawrence called it “one of the strangest and most wonderful books in the world,” and “the greatest book of the sea ever written.” It’s a good description of the business we wanted to create.

We’re based in Clareville Beach, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Drop by for a rum some time.

Trav & Jack


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