The best (and worst) things about creating your own magazine

Ever wanted to create your own magazine? Well, here are the five best things about launching your own mag. Before you go and mortgage the family home in the hope of making a print fortune, you better read the five worst things, too…

So, the 2015 Melbourne Show Yearbook hit the shelves earlier this month. You can find it by clicking here


10,000 Yearbooks were hand delivered by these friendly folks


The brief from the BIAV was to create an engaging print publication that showcased the boating lifestyle to the Victorian public. It had to highlight cool destinations, awesome marine products, and hints and tips for boaties. We called it a Yearbook rather than a program, to reflect the production values and quality of the content; and to also give it a life beyond the show. It was wrapped in a luscious 250 gsm dressing gown with 100 gsm paper inside. As if that wasn’t enough, every issue went into the spray booth for a coat of satin, matte finish. The thing was practically gel-coated.

Rather than bore you with self-adulation about our new, awesome, fantastic and amazing magazine, here are the five best things about launching your very own mag (and the worst five!)


The Yearbook on its first night out



  1. Working directly with cool and interesting people. Wives included!
  1. Creating the stories you always wanted to, but never could because of “commercial considerations”
  1. Seeing designers go wild with a blank sheet of paper and a broad brief
  1. Seeing clients use Moby Dick content on their own channels – and watching their face when their social media went through the roof!
  1. Testing great products built by proud, passionate people

Cam McDonald reflects on his tour of Tasmania in WhitePointer boats



  1. Deadlines still suck!
  1. Oops, forgot that news piece. Jack, I thought you had that one covered???
  1. The waist-line suffered a bit; a few too many Macca’s drive-bys
  1. Trav missed the kids, and Jack missed his duck-feather pillow
  1. That print bill (ouch!). Jack won’t be getting his chocolate smoothie allowance next month

Monique checks out the good stuff on the Malibu stand


Seriously though, it was a great experience – and based on feedback from clients and readers it’s done its job. Here’s what they said (totally unprompted):

“Wowsers! Great candid, hearty reading. Absolute credit to team Moby.” Michael via drunken text message from his hotel room after the show.

“Bloody top job!” David

“I would have upgraded to the outside back cover if I knew it was this good!” Mark after watching 10,000 back covers meander through the show.

“I’ve read through that magazine and it’s one of the best of editorial creations I’ve come across in a long time. Congratulations. Really, really well done.” Angelo, who has read a few mags.

“Fantastic guys, you did a great job … good read and great layout.” Alan, who usually keeps things close to his chest

“Magnificent job!” Kevin.

“Lots of people impressed with the Yearbook!” Mary, the toughest marker around.

“This Yearbook is a really good read … you guys have done such a good job.” Joel, while admiring his double-page spread.


Joel likes what he sees in the 2015 Melbourne Boat Show Yearbook